Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chair Sculpture Finally Resolved.

This sculpture has been a difficult one to resolve.  One thing that helped was wanting light to be emanating from the window, and stitching lights to the back of the curtain.  This added wire to the back of the curtain, making malleable and able to be sculpted.  Then after photographing the house in Temperanceville I decided the growth had to be creeping up from under the "floor", instead of growing over the top of the chair.  Then I decided there had to be a second smaller chair atop the tree, referencing a new view or perspective growing.  But my real Eureka moment was the idea of sea-glass "growing" from the tree.  Broken glass on city streets is seen as distasteful and dangerous garbage.  But sea glass is seen as treasure.  It is just another perception within the stage of decay.  Glass also adds another element to light.  And glass comes from sand, and goes back to sand.

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