Monday, January 20, 2014

1st Mentor Meeting, Sunday, January 12th

It was great to meet with Shellburne again.  She always cuts through to the essence.

Shellburne said that I should constantly re-evaluate my need to build.  She said “Less is More”, and it takes courage to just let things sit.  She said the quartets were over-kill, and the wire was too fussy and keeping the viewer from getting into the image.  She said I’m not respecting my images, and I need to get out of my own way.  She said I could try using shadow boxes to mix interiors and exteriors, the way my reflection images were both the inside and the outside.  She said the boxes themselves would have to be much more discrete, though, so the frames wouldn’t get in the way.  She said I should let the viewer bring his or her own associations.  Or she said I could think about printing my images on silk and let them float as the viewer walks by.  She was also intrigued by my experimental black and white vellum image over a color image.  She said that was worth trying more of.  She said to think of how memory, like dreams, doesn’t necessarily make sense.  She said I needed to go back and regroup, and not confuse myself.  She said I have a tremendous amount of imagery to work with, and I should spend some time composing with the computer.

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