Sunday, December 8, 2013

Large Work & a Couple of New Cameras

I continued on with by tearing and collaging of images, but on a larger scale.  The base is four straight pinhole images each printed at 17" X 22" and mounted of foam-board.  On top of that is chicken wire, to act as a barrier to the past.  On top of that are torn double exposure pinhole images to represent the fragmentation of our memories.

Since I am still exploring and experimenting I thought I would try the same idea with a different method.  In this quartet the double exposure top layer is printed on a transparency that acts as a veil over the past (chicken wire and single exposure image).

I also decided to use some of my silkscreen images as fronts to a couple of new cameras.  I like the idea of have black & silver negative images facing future imagery that will result in black & white negatives on silvered paper.  I still need to construct my sliding shutters, and then will be able to glue the aluminum to the cameras.