Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chilren's Museum Pinhole Camera Workshops

Free DIY Camera-Making and Photography Workshop! (R) | 1-4pm
Cameras are incredible tools, and actually pretty easy to make! Join us for an interactive DIY camera-making workshop to build your own pinhole camera using common household tools. We'll start with a private tour of the Museum & Theatre's Camera Obscura, and then jump into making our own cameras with the help of Portland photographer Amy Hagberg. We'll have time to take a photograph with our cameras, and we'll finish with a short trip to the Maine College of Art darkroom to develop our first image! This is a FREE family workshop - parents and siblings are encouraged to join. Recommended for ages 5+. Registration is required. To sign up, call 207-828-1234 ext. 231 or stop by the front desk. Funded by the Rines/Thompson Fund.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Out to California to see my work in two juried Exhibitions

It's been a busy summer, with a piece in the LUCAD Alumni Biennial in Somerville, MA, and another piece selected for the Ogunquit Barn Gallery's Photography Juried Exhibition up for the month of July, as well as work selected for two concurrent shows out in California.  The first California Gallery to select my work was Filoli, out in Woodside.

The image above of my beloved Deering Farm cabin represented Maine in Architecture of the World.

Next I heard that I also had work accepted out in Santa Cruz.

Below are the three pieces selected for the Santa Cruz show.

We just got back from California, and we were very pleased to see the quality and diversity of work in both of these shows.  We met some interesting artists, as well as had fun touring parts of California.  And of course, I brought along a couple of pinhole cameras to document our trip.  It will be interesting to see how those images come out!

Early Summer in Downeast Maine

Spring Has Passed, But the Images Remain

June was a very busy month getting ready for shows, so negative processing took a back seat.  So it's a bit strange to look at the Elizabeth Magnolia blooms in July.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Torn Collages Visit the Waterboro House

     I have not been back to visit the Waterboro House for over a year.  My visits stopped after a dream I had that woke me up.  In the dream a spirit was trying to get out of the house, because someone had secured all the doors.  The spirit was very agitated and was banging against the walls of its confinement as if trapped.  It kept frantically saying it just had to get outside.  I don't know if the spirit was male or female.  All I know was the next morning when I drove by the house on my way to work, a window curtain was blowing straight out into the yard though a window opening made by a missing glass pane. I was now afraid I had gotten too close to this spirit some how, and it was not a happy spirit.  Often I'd see it's agitation as I drove by.
     But I had to photograph my Torn Collage with the house.  I had my husband come along: both to help me set up, and for company.  The curtain was blowing wildly when we arrived.  We took the pieces of my collage out of the car and began setting up.  I never know why no one stops to ask what the heck I'm doing, but even a pedestrian seemed unconcerned.  Anyway, I was more nervous about the spirit.  But once the collage was set up the curtain went still.  Somehow the spirit seemed mollified, like it knew someone cared, had paid attention, and given the the seemingly forgotten place value, mourned its loss along with whoever it was, or is.
     I drive by this place every day.  The formerly flailing curtain remains still.  I'm happy to think anybody recognized my tribute - especially if it's the one who really counts.

I think I wil go back.