Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Master of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition, June 22 - 28, 2014, Boston, MA - Lesley University College of Art & Design

The first two pieces are vellum composite images, where an image printed on vellum is adhered over a color image printed on cold press paper: Remembrance and Old Dreams, each 14.5 wide X 20.5 High.  The left-hand center image is Light, a five minute exposure pinhole photograph of a copper house sculpture burning.  The right-hand center image is Rendition, pinhole photograph of the Deering Barn.  both center images are printed on cold press paper, each 31" wide X 39" tall.  The last two images are multiple exposure pinhole images: Huntington River and Flowing Downstream, both also printed on cold press paper, size 17" wide X 21.5" tall.  All are framed so the paper can float without glazing.