Monday, August 6, 2012

Other Than Photography

I have been exploring Inside / Outside concepts in a variety of ways.  I got a William Christianberry book last week called Architecture / Archetype that I have found particularly inspiring, so I've begun building some sculptures.  I am currently working on two pieces.  Both are still in progress, but here is where they are at.

The first one is inspired by one of my Parsonfield photographs: the one with a chair in front of a window.  I have constructed a chair whose back holds a curtained window.  Behind the back of the chair are the trees outside.  The tree part is not done, and I want to have the trees entering the 'inside' space of the chair to blur the lines between 'outside' and 'inside'.

The other sculpture I am working on I am placing the 'outside'  within the 'inside'.  Here is the 'outside' piece by itself.

I have constructed a house that is to fit on top of my tree and surround it so the 'outside' is contained within the house walls.  It is constructed with loose fit slats to be able to see through the planking, and its windows are of plexiglass so that they have the solidity and reflective qualities of real windows. Here is the house by itself.
So here is my 'outside' 'inside'.  My idea is to have the inside lit, so the house looks warm and inviting, and also to illuminate the foliage inside.  The light I was going to use is not bright enough, so I need to go to Home Depot to investigate the possibilities.  The house is also going to have a witches hat style roof, with one side being hinged to hold the batteries for my lighting.  The top of the tree will also be  breaking through one side of the roof, reaching to the 'outside'.

Here is my original plan.

Here are a couple of close-ups with a light inside and reflections on the windows.

And now onto another project.  Here is a watercolor I that is in the very early stages.  It has been a bit neglected since I've begun constructing my sculptures, but this week I'll get back to it.

Today I dropped off 5 rolls of film for development.  But I probably won't post them until  next weekend, since this seems like enough to view.

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