Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Sculpture, finished Drawing/ Watercolor

After my last visit with Shellburne I got thinking a lot about our ideas of where inside versus outside should be.  I got this vague idea of incorporating some of my interior photographs, printed on parchment paper, within a sculpture.  so this sculpture is what grew out of it.  while I built it I had no idea where it was going, I just let it tell me, so it's a 'thinking piece'.  It is very hard to see in these photos, because the pentagonal pavilion is lit from within so the interior images on the exterior will glow, which casts the rest of the sculpture in darkness.  As you'll see in the last image, inside is a tree and mossy ground.  I like a curtain being one of the sides, but I am thinking that maybe it needs to be quite a bit more sheer, especially since I think it's important for the viewer to see that inside the pavilion the woods are still green.

This watercolor/drawing seemed to take awhile for me to get back to and finish.  I did the bird in water soluble pencils along with watercolor because I needed the bird to be important.  The bird is there because it can pass over both structure and growth, so in a sense pass freely between realms.  I felt the bird ended up seeming a bit stuck on, but Shellburne liked the way the bird  is more solid than the somewhat ephemeral trees.

This was close to finished long ago - but sometimes I have to stare at things awhile before I know how to finish them.  Shellburne felt this image is just too literal, and with a solid medium like pastel I should just draw and see where it leads me, rather than force a concept upon it before hand.

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