Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adding to Images

I thought I might try adding to some of my stranger pinhole images.  I printed some out on 17" x 22" cold press paper and just started experimenting.  This one I drew on with water color pencils and then blended some with water.  I think it's a fun start, but I definitely think I could push it further.  

Next I took one of my silhouette images and tore up a silkscreen print from last semester that I felt spoke to how I see this cabin and added it as a layer.

On a silhouette broken barn image I layered multiple torn pieces of the same silkscreen silkscreen to the image because I feel like the barn is being torn apart.

I tried applying dried pressed ferns to the same barn image, because I feel like nature is taking over the old barn.  I printed haphazard planks and added elements to the sky.  It's still not right, but I feel it's closer.

To the cabin I planked the side with birch bark, silkscreened over it, and added color to the sky.  Then I added a number of dried botanicals to creat a tactile three dimensional forest.

I had printed some of my ice images large as well.  I took rice paper and tore pieces to form layers of 'ice' to layer on top of my photographs.  I watercolored the undersides of these paper pieces so the color would bleed through, but be mor muted and the brush strokes less distinct.

On this image I applied dead leaves, and tucked dried grass and pine needles under the paper 
'ice sheets'.

On this image I applied all manner of things; moss and parts of pinecones to the stump, curling twigs coming from the stump, and leaves on the ice.  

All of these projects been a fun investigation that I hope opens another door for me, even if I don't think I've created any one completely successful image.  So I think I'll try some more.

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