Monday, September 2, 2013

Memory House

My Memory House is constructed out of aluminum and chicken wire.  I confess that it was a much fussier and prickly construction method than I quite imagined.  But I wanted a "transparent" house that I could "float" pieces of imagery on. 

The back of the house has two images of the same house - one black and white pinhole, and one from a color film negative.  They are cut & torn and reassembled in layers, because our inner world is a series of layers, some seen, others unseen.

I enlarged sections from some of images and printed them out on cold press paper.  I then then proceeded to tear them into pieces.  My idea is that our memories are really just enlarged segments of time, torn into easily recalled bits, and then re-pieced together to construct our remembered life.  These pieces will form the exterior walls of my house.

I am still piecing together my house.  The back interior wall of the house is lined with a color photograph of a sunlit bed, because beds are comfortable, private, and like our nests.  My idea is that this image will be visible only through holes left in the front and side walls, allowing the viewer just glimpses into the private interior space. 

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